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      Oh the irony……  Fans complain for years that Whit was too involved in the offense and that we needed to be throw oreiented first (numerous players have confirmed he wasn’t, but that’s another story).  Now we have an OC who has stated that Whit gives him free rein and many of those same fans are saying we should run more and it’s still Whit’s fault.

      To be fair, I can’t figure the problem with the O out.  Whit’s tried everything, nothing works.  Huntley looked really good last year, though green.  This year he looks afraid to throw the ball and can’t see a wide open reciever to, literally, save his life.  

      Personally, I’m a Whit supporter but was very disappointed when he said they were keeping with TH.  Freshman across the county are leading their teams to victory every week.  Shelly looked to be able to play that part, though be it against Weber State.  But nonetheless, he looked good.  

      As I stated, I’m a Whit guy and I know he feels loyalty is important.  But sometimes a painful change is needed.  I’m hoping he makes one before the pain gets too bad.  

      Go Utes!

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      Ute Fan

      I have said for years they should have stuck with Chow’s system. That was some bad luck Whitt had on that deal. 

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      I don’t know if Whittingham has meddled in the offense or not, but I do know that he insists on having a dual threat QB and running an offense with “elements of the spread to it” as he likes to say. It also seems clear that when we get a two score lead or more, with only very rare exception, he instructs the OC to start working the clock.

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      If Whitt was your mechanic after Urban got your old 69 Camaro purring, would you still take the car back to him?

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        Yes!  Without hesitation and it is likely to beat what ever the hell car your going to get at auction!

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      Would help if he didn’t move all of the best athletes from offense to defense. Chase Hansen would probably be a Heisman candidate this year if he had been left at QB.

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        He would be a Heisman candidate? Woah, that’s a bold prediction.
        I think he could have been like Taysom was for BYU at best case scenario… But defense was the right pick for him.

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