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        Ute Fan

        I have never been to a game in Tucson. Anyone been to a game there and what was your experience?

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        Ute Fan

        Yeah, I went to a game there, it was fun. It’s a smaller crowd as Tucson isn’t huge, but the fans are into it. They were very nice and welcoming. It also happened to be a game Utah inexplicably lost, so that probably played into it. It’s nothing special, but still a good time. Though Tucson is kind of a hole.

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          Their stadium is bigger than Utah’s so they don’t fill it?

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        I gotta say…

        Was in Tucson for a work conference a few years back…..what a sh#thole.

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        Went to several UTAH games there. Daughter went to school there. Rowdy student section lower bowl east side. But at halftime clears out a lot. But was always a fun interesting game to watch with surprises. I suggest buying tickets thru U of A site. Much better seats for the price. Lower bowl. But if you buy thru Utes the seats allocated you will be way high and in a corner.

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        I’ve seen about 10 games there. Stadium is old. Easy parking around it in multiple terraces throughout campus. They started serving beer & wine last year. I try to spend at least 3 days there and play golf at some killer desert courses. Awesome Mexican food.

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        Warrior Ute
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        Air Force made Tucson my home for a couple of years.  If you’re going to visit, there is some good golfing to check out.  

        Sonoran hot dogs are a local specialty street food.  El Guero Canelo is a good choice of restaurants if you want to try one.  

        Eegee’s is a local fast food chain.  Very community oriented and trains the handicapped.  They started as a food truck trying to make Italian ice for the construction workers.  They never got that figured out and it ends up being a cross between an Italian ice and a slurpee and is delicious.

        The Pima Air and Space Museum is worth checking out if you are interested in military or aircraft at all.  It can be an all day event.  I believe you can buy a busride to drive through the Boneyard attached to Davis Monthan AFB.  Where they keep planes to pick for parts.

        The Sonoran Desert Museum is also interesting with tons to see about the desert.  A huge living museum/zoo.

        Tombstone is also not too far a drive.  Main Street shootout is now a paid event.  They have to make money anyway they can.

        There is very stringent light pollution requirements because of the observatories nearby. Enjoy sitting outside looking at the stars at night.

        Also, I always enjoyed driving up Mount Lemmon. You go from classic desert with Saguaro Cactus as you climb you see the flora change and get into tall pines. A beautiful drive.

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        Ute Fan

        I’ve spent a lot of time in Tucson.  (Long crazy story)  and I still go to the U of A a minimum of 2 weeks every year.

        U of A spent a fortune on their North End Zone facilities.  They are nice, get seats there if you can.  The East and West stands are very old and steep. 

        North of River Road in Tucson is gorgeous, as are the Sonora Cactus forests on the West side but the rest of it, including downtown is dirty.  I was never very impressed with Arizona”s campus.  

        That community really gets behind their school.  It’s very much a college town but in a larger metropolitan area.  

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        Ute Fan

        I am going down but haven’t seen a game there in 20 years. I am sure it is a lot different from back then.

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