This team was a facade

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        Ute Fan

        Utah can not beat anybody who gets killer recruits and athletes even if that team sucks. They didn’t beat anybody who was a good team this year and am wondering if we would’ve been bowl eligible in the SEC. Do you guys think we were a paper a tiger or a facade? Or do you just think the Utes didn’t show up in the last couple games and they were actually a pretty good team?

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        Ute Fan

        Oregon beat Utah twice.  Which isn’t any better because it is still a heavy indictment on the coaching staff two years in a row.  

        ASU and Washington were quality wins.  If you want more than 11 win regular season choose a different school.  Whitt runs a clean program and follows the rules graduating players. That should be the standard. 

        College football is going to change heavily here in a few years so enjoy these waning moments.  This was a great season with some dominant wins over so so competition. The other edge of the sword if Utah had beat Texas is they would just say they beat a seven win Texas team. It was lose/lose but I would have preferred to watch them play in a fashion I grew accustomed to. 

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