top 10 reasons why NIT is great for Utah

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        Ute Fan

        1.  See what it did for Majerus’ Utes — what happened after the NIT final 4

        2.  Time to develop players

        3.  Builds confidence for next year

        4.  Utes with best basketball postseason in Pac-12

        5.  Gordon Monson is a big fat idiot

        6.  It is fun for the players

        7.  More basketball for us to watch

        8.  Krisko dancing

        9.  Krisko may have changed his end of game strategy which is a big plus

        10.  Imagine what we would be feeling about the Utes’ season without the NIT

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        Ute Fan

        Number 🖐 should be at the top of the list. 

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        Ute Fan

        Love how you snuck #5 in there. 

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        Ute Fan

        The problem with numbers 1-3 is that those effects are diminished because we have a senior laden team. If we were an underclass dominated team the training effect would be a lot greater.

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          Matthew Thomas Castleton
          Ute Fan

          Utah does have several talented returning players next season. All of Sedrick Barefield, Jayce Johnson, Parker Van Dyke, Donnie Tillman, Chris Seeley, and Kolby Caldwell are back. All of them were significant to partial contributors this season. Plus we have a stellar recruiting class coming in next year. We’re losing far less than Oregon did from their Final Four team last season. And Oregon won 23 games this season with only one returner who played at all on their Final Four team (Payton Prichard). The lifeblood of any college program is recruiting and the head coach at the top. As long as Krystowiak is still the coach, they’ll be fine. All of the above mentioned returning players will be a year older and more experienced next season. Utah will be an above average team next year. Hell, Justin Bibbins was a FIRST YEAR PLAYER this year and he is arguably Utah’s best player. I’d bet that no Utah fan even knew who Justin Bibbins was before he suited up for our Utes this season. Utah’s one of the better basketball programs in the Pac-12 right now. To say that they’re going to fall off the map just because they’re losing really good seniors in Bibbins, Collette, and Rawson (and Gabe Bealer) is an insult to the OTHER players on the team who AREN’T seniors. Hell, Sedrick Barefield was our best player against Saint Mary’s and Parker Van Dyke was arguably the savior against UCLA. Utah doesn’t win those two games without Sedrick and Parker. I almost forgot that Sedrick was HUGE @ ASU and they don’t win that game without him either. THEY’LL BE FINE.

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        Ute Fan

        Regular season champ, conference champ

        2011-12 Washington, Colorado

        2012-13 UCLA, Oregon
        2013-14 Arizona, UCLA
        2014-15 Arizona, Arizona
        2015-16 Oregon, Oregon
        2016-17 Arizona/Oregon, Arizona
        2017-18 Arizona, Arizona

        Damn I hate Colorado. Didn’t realize until tonight they have won both a basketball conference championship (conf tournament) and a Pac 12 South in football.

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