Turnover battle

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      With this weather and our turnover issues in the first three games, how many turnovers can we have and still expect to win? I bet turnovers play a huge part in tonights game.  I think we can win with 2 or fewer turnovers. USC should have 1 or 2 as well with a rookie QB playing against this D and this weather.

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      IMO – If we get +1 TO margin or better, we win. But we have to keep our own to less than 2. I would love to see us not turn it over at all, and get a +3 on the game, but hey….reality.

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      Ute Fan

      I feel the same way. I think in this game turnovers will be deadly. Just deadly.

      If we don’t have any turnovers, we have a good chance.

      If we have 1 turnover, we still might be able to pull it out, depending on how many takeaways we have.

      If we turn it over twice or more… I think we lose the game. Regardless of how many takeaways we have.

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