USC receivers wide open the whole game

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      Ute Fan

      Does anyone have any ideas as to why in the world USC’s receivers were wide open so often? Are our d-backs too slow or were we giving Kesler too much time in the pocket? Or something else? That’s what grinded my gears all night long.

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      I think the patented media response would be that the USC “talent level” is higher than the Utes, so they’re faster. Really there were a lot of breakdowns on both sides of the ball, and the defensive injuries didn’t help.

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      Ute Fan

      I think it’s a matter of perception. Actually, our receivers were “more open” if you look at the passing numbers. USC completed 21 passes for 264 yards. We completed 24 passes for 254 yards.

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      The real problem is that Travis Wilson found a new starting WR. He was #35 Cameron Smith.

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      That #35 sure can catch a ball.

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      Ute Fan

      They weren’t open the “whole” game. USC made an early adjustment to go to the quick throws. When that happens our DB’s need to get off their blocks and make the tackles for short gains. That wasn’t happening.

      On throws over the middle Whittingham is pretty bad at pass coverage, so they had that slant route open all game.


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