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    FPI has Utah winning 8.42 games. S&P has Utah winning 8.9 games. They aren’t too far off this year. Here are the biggest differences between the two metrics:

    FPI only gives us a 45% chance to beat USC. S&P gives us a 55% chance

    FPI LOVES UCLA this year. Only gives us a 57% chance to win while S&P gives us an 80% chance of winning

    Other than that their prognostications are fairly close together. It seems like S&P has always been much better at predicting Utah than FPI, so I’m leaning towards 9 wins for sure. If we can knock off USC in the Coliseum though….we should all be smelling roses. 

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    Here’s a bit of twisted logic. Utah hasn’t won at USC since what? 1916? I think. I honestly believe that will be a contributing motivating factor to win at the Colliseum this year. Granted, the motivation to win the South you have to probably win at the Colliseum is by far the strongest motivating factor. But the embarrassment of not winning there in over a century will factor in also.

    Utah wins this game. In fact, I think it will be a big win. A few TDs or more.

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      I freaking hope you’re right. 

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    was at the game where travis thru more completions to cam smith than his own guys.  we were up early and faded bad.  that said…. usc is still in major disarray and has been for a while.  


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