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    My three takeaways:
    In the three games we lost our offensive line got utterly exposed. In my mind that’s the main reason why we lost, especially against Oregon and Texas. 
    Additionally, I don’t think the defense had as much mental toughness as teams of years past. Meaning they wilted and got disheartened at the offensive ineptitude and couldn’t…[Read more]

  • I’m sorry guys but I wouldn’t look forward to a matchup against Ohio State. I think they would beat us handily. They are just on a whole different level. I think we would have a chance against anyone but them.

  • Let’s say these are the two realities in front of us, which would we prefer? I think I would rather win a Rose Bowl and dream about the what if’s than go and get curb stomped by LSU and have to listen to “see? Pac 12 just isn’t on the same level as the SEC” for the next 9 months. 
    Now, whether those are the two realities or not, no clue. But,…[Read more]

  • Looks like most statistical models have USC winning every game except Oregon, which means even if we go 10-2 USC will likely win the South. We’ve got to get over the hump with Washington and walk away with a W. 

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    CFB parity is one of my greatest frustrations with CFB. I have a plan to fix it. A CFB Draft, folks. Here’s the rough sketch of how it would work:
    A month before the draft recruits have to submit a top ten list of schools they are willing to play for. Teams can only draft players that put them in their top ten. All 130 FBS teams are in the draft.…[Read more]

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    I know this is going to get downvoted to the seventh circle of hell but whatever. ESPN’s FPI was on the money, just like I tried to warn y’all today. I also said Utah would need to play pitch perfect if USC came out on fire. Well, Utah made lots of mistakes and looked like the JV squad in the secondary. 
    This game boiled down to talent. USC’s…[Read more]

  • I’m quite confident that the only way Utah isn’t hurt in all this is if nothing changes. Here’s why:
    Scenario 1: CA passes the law. The NCAA holds firm and kicks CA schools out of the NCAA and no other states follow suit.
    In this scenario the PAC 12 essentially folds and Utah has to find a conference. Maybe the BIG 12 picks us up, maybe not. No…[Read more]

  • What does everyone think the fallout will be if CA ends up signing this new law onto the books allowing players in the state to profit off endorsements and such? 
    Will the NCAA move forward with their threat to ban CA schools from participating in collegiate athletics? Will they fold and change their rules to level the playing field…[Read more]

  • Some musings regarding the rivalry game on Thursday:
    1. This year’s game is perfectly placed from a competitive standpoint. There’s no one Utah will be looking ahead to and Whitt has had all summer to prep for the game. There really is no excuse to lose this game.
    2. This year’s game is also perfectly placed from a fan’s standpoint. The…[Read more]

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    Pac 12 Media has only correctly guessed the eventual Pac 12 South Champion twice in the first seven years of the Pac-12. 2/7 is 29%. For all the love we’re getting, the media really isn’t that good at picking the eventual champions out of the south. It’s a nice preseason award, sure, but I sure hope Whitt makes sure his guys stay grounded and…[Read more]

  • FPI has Utah winning 8.42 games. S&P has Utah winning 8.9 games. They aren’t too far off this year. Here are the biggest differences between the two metrics:
    FPI only gives us a 45% chance to beat USC. S&P gives us a 55% chance
    FPI LOVES UCLA this year. Only gives us a 57% chance to win while S&P gives us an 80% chance of winning
    Other than…[Read more]

  • Check out Bill C.’s preview of Utah. He’s projecting a 9-3 season for us. Seems about right to me. If we beat USC again it will likely be a special season, as they are projected to be our second toughest opponent.
    Also, we only have a 66% at beating BYU. So….when we only win by a touchdown let’s not freak out. Looks like the stats show BYU…[Read more]

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    Ya I might have put Francis too high.  But, wrt Wilson. He went 4-3 in 2018 with only one P-5 team of those seven (Utah). His wins? Hawaii, New Mexico State, Western Michigan, and UMASS. Their combined record? 22-29. Shelley’s record as a starter was 3-2, with wins agains Oregon, Colorado, and BYU. Their combined record? 21-17. Shelley played…[Read more]

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    So you know that 60 in 60 that we all hate? 1280 listened (somewhat) and are allowing us to vote in the rankings. Fans combined votes will count as one media member vote (lame). We all know zoobs are going to try and Jimmer this thing. So make sure to go vote!
    Here’s my top ten plus some of note:
    1. Jaylon…[Read more]

  • I keep hearing talk about how Utah isn’t a destination recruits want to go to because of the weather, culture, blah blah blah. I don’t buy that argument one bit. Michigan has crappy weather. Ohio State has crappy weather. Bend, Oregon has cold weather. It rains every friggin day in Seattle. 
    Michigan, Washington, Ohio State, Oregon, Nebraska, et…[Read more]

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    I refuse to neither get too excited nor too disappointed in whoever Utah hires as its new OC. Why? Because we’ll have no clue how good of a hire it was until roughly October of 2019. So, what’s the point in raising my expectations or pissing and moaning? 
    Troy Taylor was….ok by most measures. He made our offense slightly better. But not the…[Read more]

  • Recruiting still exists. At some point in the offseason recruits have to select their top ten. They must sign waivers indicating they will play and attend any of those ten schools. 
    Do a giant draft. Maybe you split up P5 and G5 into two drafts, maybe not. Teams can only draft players that are in the player’s top ten. You can only draft as many…[Read more]

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    So looking at Utah’s remaining 2019 targets…it doesn’t look like there’s a whole lot there to boost our recruiting ranking. That’s pretty disappointing. Someone talk me off the ledge here. I get we have fewer schollies to offer this year than usual. But the kids we have signed and are targeting don’t appear to be anything special this year.…[Read more]

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