UteHub as a Brave Publishing Site? Just an idea.

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      Ute Fan

      I’m bored as hell at work, so I wanted to take some time to describe a little bit of the Brave browser and rewards.

      I’ve been using the Brave browser for about a month now, and it is awesome. It’s built on Chrome, but as far as ads/trackers are concerned, it is as opposite to Chrome as possible. Chrome is from Google, and they have an incentive to use ads/trackers. Brave blocks ads/trackers, unless the user signs up for ads. It uses BAT to pay users for viewing ads.

      What the hell is BAT? A crypto currency token, that can be exchanged for US dollars, such as on Coinbase, a US-based, regulated crypto currency exchange, where BAT is listed/exchanged.

      Anyway, UteHub would have to be a Brave Publisher to receive BAT tokens from users like myself who use the browser. And the BAT can be accumulated and has value to be exchanged for $$. I’ve already accumulated about $10 in BAT by using the browser and opting-in on ads.

      I don’t know much about what it takes to become Brave Publisher – does it cost anything? I don’t think so. And I don’t think you have to provide ads for reward, but don’t know for sure.

      Does anybody have any experience in being a Brave publishing site?

      Anyway, just an idea as we UteHubians (what do we call ourselves?) can give tips now and then in BAT. I always feel a little guilty using a free site that is valuable, so it would be cool to “tip”. I think the Brave/BAT idea seems like a valid use-case for crypto tokens, and a way to disrupt Google and their ad-based model. Who knows? UteHub may already have some BAT tips waiting to be claimed. Probably not worth much now, but as the idea catches on (and I think it will), it could be a somewhat valuable thing years down the road.

      The idea is new, and is in its infancy. For example, there isn’t a way yet to transfer the BAT tokens to an exchange for $$ yet, but that is a necessity that is coming.

      Sorry about the long-winded post. But I was bored with little to do today. Forgive me.

      Here’s more:

      About Brave Rewards


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      I’ve been using Brave browser for a few weeks myself. It’s basically chrome, but without google stealing your info. So far I’ve had 1,235 trackers blocked, 53,512 ads blocked, and saved 50 minutes of time. I think it is great, but Brave does lock up once in awhile.  

      I appreciate thinking about tipping Ute Hub in some way.  There are certainly costs involved and a lot of work in keeping the site working. Perhaps I can put another Go Fund Me together and put a link on the site.  That last one was successful in raising the money for me to purchase an IOS device for testing the Ute Hub app (my phone in android). 

      I’m certainly not against looking into being a brave rewards publisher.  I wonder, however, if the big G penalizes people who do that in terms of search results and so forth. I wouldn’t be surprised. 

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      Ute Fan

      You’d think Google would penalize for it. I was curious, so I asked my brother, who is a Google SEO expert. He’s been doing it for as long as anybody in Utah, and it is a major component of his business, which markets web sites, branding, SEO, etc.

      He said something like the following:

      Google rarely punishes websites any longer unless you’re doing some serious damage. They got in big trouble with lots of lawsuits when they started punishing websites back in the day years ago. So they now just do a scoring mechanism. So, if anything, websites that are Brave publishers would have a very, very, small diminished score for quality, if they do anything at all. But he hadn’t heard of any complaints of it.

      Anyway, we’ll have to watch the trend. And the Brave browser is awesome. Yes, it has crashed for me a few times on the Android, but they’ll fix this issues I’m sure; but it is my browser for now on.

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