Watching Bama and Georgia

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      These guys are good. I don’t see how anyone, even in the BIG can compete with them. I don’t blame Riley for bolting from OU.

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      Utah would look that good if they had those favourable camera angles 🙂

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      There will be shifts. I remember 20 years ago, The ACC had a better shot at a national championship than the SEC. Alabama sucked back then with a bunch of scandals. An always evolving thing. That’s why the playoff needs to expand immediately. 

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      It’s almost like having a bunch of 4 and 5 star “primadonas” is actually important. 

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        Having enough of them to treat them like fungible goods is the rub.  That is what removes the “primadonas” part, telling them they are not critical and having the level of competition revolving in and out of the program to make it true is the difference at 4 or 5 programs in America.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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