Weekly Kuithe interview notes

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      Laughed and said they hadn’t lost a PAC12 game

      They started slow on Saturday because of some communication issues and some drops, etc.

      He said they felt like they were moving in slow motion and making mistakes.  There were some protection mistakes.  Coach Whit came into their sideline huddle and got them motivated.  Once they scored the first TD – the offense got fired up.  The focus this week is on getting out of the gates fast at ASU.  They will try to mix it up early this week.

      They practice a lot of up-tempo and Kuithe likes it.  When they go up-tempo – the entire team gets the play from looking to the sideline.  Many teams will defend with a zone when the opposition goes up-tempo and that means the middle of the field will be more open.

      SDSU was keying on Kincaid and Kuithe allowing Cam to go to the WRs.  He was very happy to see the other guys get some catches and TDs.  Vele is a great athlete and the catch he made in the endzone showed that.  He expects to see more of this.

      Feels bad for Curry.  Everyone is rallying behind him.

      We can’t afford to lose a game now.  There has been a little rivalry going on with ASU.  So they are looking forward to it.  These games seem to get a bit chippy.  The heat doesn’t seem to worry him.  With the coach being fired – we don’t know what they are going to do.  The team just needs to be prepared.

      ASU doesn’t have as many different looks or blitzes as SDSU has.  He said, “I don’t think they will be able to hang with us.”  He said we can’t afford to let them keep in the game because that gives them hope.

      Glad to see that many PAC12 teams are having success.

      The team motto is to go 1-0 each week.

      Bill asked him if there was someone he would like to be compared to in the NFL.  He said that he tries not to compare himself to others, but some have said he is like Cooper Kupp.  (He knows he is not Cooper Kupp.)  He said that he is a tweener between tight end and wide receiver.

      If he played defense – he would like to be a safety.

      There are no fun days in practice.  They are all focused.

      Defenders who could play offense would be Hubert, Vaughn, and O’Toole.

      Gabe Reid has fought his way back from nagging injuries and we are beginning to see what he can do.

      He has a sense that the ASU players are going to come together and play hard.

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