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    As I recall the eligibility rule when Manny Hendrix finished playing BB… One gets 4 years of playing college sports in a single sport but can get a fifth year if in another sport. Manny played 4 years of BB, one of my favorites. Following the BB season he come out to play spring football, intending to play in the fall. A scout from the Cowboys…[Read more]

  • For the near future, the money pumped into TDS’s BB program by Ryan Smith will make competing with them quite difficult without our own Huntsman…

  • Poor is not accurate. Bernard without a pitch count is a very talented RB1, so only health like anyone is the issue. As for the others, we only know JJ was preferred which is an adequately high bar. With a year of development others like Glover could be equal to that level, we just don’t know. Last, I believe the QB issue in ’23 had a negative…[Read more]

  • What you may not like about Sander’s hype is more than made up for by his discipline off the field. I love how he insist that players take class very serious. He understands not all go to the NFL.

  • The missionaries coming and going are hard to track. Some play a year then go, some go right away, birthdates may have something to do with it. Some missionaries return as planed, some do not, some come in that were committed to other schools. Higher profile guys or guys from Utah are reported better than others. Sometimes coaches provide insight…[Read more]

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    You are correct. If you play someone a lot and they become a star, it is quite likely they will move up to a bigger program or on to make more money. If you don’t play someone enough, they likely will leave for a better opportunity. There will be exceptions but most players will become one year rentals.

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    No big deal, pull for the Bills when not playing Miami. In the NFL they can both go to the playoffs.

  • Empty space and space for population have nothing in common. Peak Population is so misunderstood. You can focus on peak population that can possibly be supported by the earth resources or identify the point that quality of life begins significant decline. Any one of the thirty most critical resources in short supply kicks in decline, even a few in…[Read more]

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    This is so good for the Bills and makes my day.

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    Caleb Williams and Jaden Daniels were a combined 0-5 against Utah. Big 12 QB can let that sink in.

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    Lots of smaller, quick I assume, backs. Not a great need, however a short yardage back would be nice. Bernard has had a pitch count hamper him, however when in he is as good a combo, run-block-release back as can be found. Without the limitations he could already have been RB1, lets hope for good health.

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    Recruiting with open transfer and NIL will be interesting to watch. Utah has been very good with development but in the new world players that need development will be competing more directly with players ready to go today. As an example, paying for a player for 4 years to get a 2 year player may not be as common even if developing players don’t…[Read more]

  • We may have had a chance to get Chandler if not for Rose to Kentucky. On the plus side, Rose to Kentucky gives Utah the best chance in 50 years to beat Kentucky. Looking forward to that rematch.

  • Sure, if everything goes wrong for Utah and well for the rest of the B12, we could fall to 8 or 9 wins. Or injuries may be spread evenly and that would put Utah in the championship game. What B12 team does not have thin spots? The other front runners, Az has plenty to work thru over the summer with their changes. OSU and the Kansas schools are…[Read more]

  • Yes, someone that can handle the ball when expecting a foul.

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    Currently, no power back. Third and short may see plays to the edge with TEs involved with the ball or blocking. If the box spreads out, QB sneak. I prefer access to a big back but there are other things in the workaround plan. Ball control is more difficult. A QB that does not hesitate can throw on 3rd and short.

  • This may be a longshot if looking for help rowing the boat.

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    He is a great RB no doubt. Whitt has been good at managing second chances, however so soon after TT he may still have some PTSD related to player issues. Oregon is more lenient than Utah with a limit of .8 vs .5 in Utah. I went to a game at Oregon a few years ago and I was quite surprised to stop at a gas station with a deli and next to the…[Read more]

  • Or maybe you can see a QB complete in a tight window. That angle requires the DB to slow to see the ball unless he is part owl. Turning to the left the DB is playing position to tackle, if he turned to the right the chance to bat the ball increases but if he misses he may give up a TD. I assume Rising understands the angle.

  • 2023 was a strange year where we struggled to pass the ball. Next year I think we return to ideal with 50% passing, he may have needed to wait. I think 50/50 with a very good RB benefits WRs more than an offense that passes most of the time.

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