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        Ute Fan

        Obviously it’s early, but saw a few things that interested me. The few that I was looking at had Williams as a 3rd round pick. Bummer for him, but late season injury might have hurt his stock a bit.

        Even further out, in an early preview for ’18 draft, they had a Wyoming QB going top 4?? Wow I was shocked that Wyoming has a player considered that good, nice for them to have some attention. Also a SMU WR in top 15. Those two small schools getting some first round attention would be fun in the coming year.

        I did not see Lowell mentioned as 1st round next year, even though the draft had 9 DL and 3 of those DT in the first round.

        Again, I know it’s very far away, just kind of fun to think about for me as a non basketball or baseball watcher looking forward to next year’s football team.

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        Ute Fan

        How is Williams being drafted at ALL a bummer??
        The dude retired and came back. Yes, he had great stats but his stick-to-it has to be slightly in question.

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          Tacoma Ute
          Ute Fan

          He’s talking about Marcus Williams.

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        Ute Fan

        His stock definitely dropped late season. He wasnt quite the same after that knee injury (understandably). He went from the top rated Safety to about 3rd. I will be surprised if he doesnt go in the first two rounds.

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