• I haven’t listened to it much, to be honest, but everyone says it’s great and the new episode dropped yesterday and I was listening a bit, no spoilers but it’s about nuclear stuff. Today on twitter I’m seeing various comments about nuclear bombs as a result, and boy, if you want to be shocked at how big these things are, goole tsar bomba. The map…[Read more]

  • Obviously it’s early, but saw a few things that interested me. The few that I was looking at had Williams as a 3rd round pick. Bummer for him, but late season injury might have hurt his stock a bit.
    Even further out, in an early preview for ’18 draft, they had a Wyoming QB going top 4?? Wow I was shocked that Wyoming has a player considered that…[Read more]

  • He will be hanging out and coaching with his son at the high school program in Lake City, in the far north of Idaho, per twitter of some UW people.
    I’m sure he could have some time to consult if he wanted, but sounds like a fun time for him to enjoy family.

  • First time I’ve seen him mentioned in the First Round. Rob Rang at CBS had him there, going 19th to the Jets. He’s had Lowell going in R1 for a few months.

    I think it would be good for us to have another high ranked DB in the draft, would help with recruiting I think and highlight Scalley’s ability a bit more.

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