I’d like to see pick plays done away with completely

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    None of this “wr made it look like he was attempting a route” grey area. It’s so inconsistently called (which is my primary reasoning) and it’s nearly indefensible. J

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    To do that you would have to eliminate all crossing routes.

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      Yeah and the ref in the middle of the field would need to go. I don’t mind them at all you can defend them. Sack the QB. 

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    I’d be in favor of the opposite: Make all picks, screens, etc. legal. Only rules would be like basketball…if you’re setting a pick, you can’t grab or hold, and you can’t move your feet.

    I think it would make the throw game that much more exciting, watching defenders switch and try to power through screens.

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    If you can’t beat em, join em. I’d love it if Troy Taylor has plenty of picks plays in his aresenal.

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    Funny, I’ve hated the opposition using them since TCU did it two or three times in the red zone.

    However, I sure wish our own UTES could have pulled off about one per game in each of our losses. Especially Cal, Colorado, and Oregon. Against Washington, I’d have settled for a block in the back call on that last TD.


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