It’s freaking WEDNESDAY

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    I can’t wait for this game. No disrespect to BYU (ok, lots of disrespect to BYU), we haven’t played anyone of any sort of decent talent. We’ve been a lot better than our opponents, we’ve played really good at times and TERRIBLE at others…Who are we?

    I feel like Zoolander at the coal mines and we are trying to figure out what the heck we are.

    Well, we will find out pretty quick. USC is just better than us. Bigger, faster, stronger, more talented.

    Good thing this is football. We have better coaches. And we will find out if we are almost as talented or a lot less talented.

    Can we not turn the ball over in the redzone? Can our OL come out strong, instead of taking a quarter to get going?

    IF the answer to both those questions is yes…whoa nelly. Watch out.

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    Individual talent doesn’t always equate to wins. It’s the better team.

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    Individual talent doesn’t always equate to wins. It’s the better team.

    Wow. Nobody proves that point better than USC. They have a Top 10 class every year but somehow still seem to fall short of where many other teams be worth the same sheer quantity of talented players.

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      Coaches always say it all comes down to recruiting. But I say it all comes down to coaching.

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      Exactly. They may all be wearing the same uniform but they don’t necessarily have the same goals and willingness to do what it takes play as a team.

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    USC is like sex/pizza – even when they’re bad, they’re still pretty damn good.
    I am cautiously optimistic about this game.

    What do we really know about the 1-2 Trojans?

    Losses to ALABAMA(1), STANFORD(7)
    Win against UTAH STATE(N/R)

    There really is not a lot to know based off only 3 games. One one hand, 2 HUGE losses, on the other, a blow out win over hapless Utah State, at home.

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    Hard to know this early in the season just how good either team is, but I just want to hand the Trojans a 3rd loss to a ranked team in only Week 4. Watch Hollywood burn since they really can’t fire Helton already.

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    I’ll admit that this game scares me. Everyone is piling on USC but they lost to two of the toughest teams in the nation in Bama and Stanford and handled the Aggies with ease. It’s easy to look in disarray when playing Bama (except the 08 Utes, right?) This is such a huge game for us to get started out well in the conference and have a leg up on USC in the South race. Still a lot of unknowns based on our schedule thus far. How do we play against a team as talented as USC? I like what I’m seeing from the Utes but am still very nervous about this game tomorrow.

    That said, I think our defense will have a dominating performance against a QB in his first start. We will generate some key TOs and our offense will do enough to win. Utes by 7 or less. Go Utes!!!!


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