Let's talk some basketball – Utah @ Arizona

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      We have a big game tomorrow night and I haven’t heard much discussion about it yet.  I don’t believe we’ve ever beaten Arizona at their place in our time as a Pac-12 school.  Maybe ever?  I know they lost some guys last year, but they’re usually very good. Currently they are 13-2 and ranked #17.

      I’m more optimistic after the Colorado game, but I think we still are a long way from where we would like to be.

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      We’re gonna get beat, but I’m a negative nancy about the team this year so who the hell knows.

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        There’s a difference between being a homer and being sensible. I don’t expect to win either, but I hope we can at least be respectable and perhaps learn a thing or two.

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      I believe we’ve come close to beating them once or twice in Tucson since joining the Pac.  Even in Krysto’s first year.  But we have not yet left with a W.

      I get the feeling Arizona isn’t quite as good as they’ve been the last few years.  Don’t get me wrong–they’re still a top tier Pac-12 team and Lauri M. is incredible.  It just seems they’re not as good as previous teams with guys like Nick “360” Johnson, Aaron Gordon or Stanley Johnson.

      Still, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we can beat them tomorrow.  And it would dramatically change the outlook I have for us this season.

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      I’m realistic but ALWAYS optimistic (at least I try to be). This game has upset special written all over it. Good young team learning how to play together, perennial contender at home, seems like a classic trap game for the cats. If we do pull the upset and get the W in Tuscum, how do the expectations for the season change? 

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      Arizona favored by 11.5. I expect it to go similarly to the Xavier game. Outmatched but we’ll make a run in half two to make it close, with them pulling away down the stretch.


      Every opportunity we get for a signature win is a big one considering our schedule to this point. Would love to get one down there

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      We do have the element of surprise on our side. Heck, even we don’t know what our team really is yet, let alone the Wildcats figuring it out by now. If we can get solid performances out of Barefield, Bonam, Collette, and Kuzma, and then get one of the secondary guys to go off – like Daniels did against Xavier – maybe we catch them off guard.

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      We will beat Arizona…but the Basketball Gods demand a sacrifice; indeed, we will lose to OSU.


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