Lot of people saying we need to relax about this loss but….

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    that game was absolutely teed up for us in every way. Its going to hurt to lose such a winnable game like that. Its the difference between a nice 9-3 with a shot at 10 win season or a very meh 8-4 season

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    Well add me to the list. Fans need to relax. This is a road game in the Pac-12 and the opponent was far from terrible.

    On top of that, we’re down Fitts, Lotulelei, Dielman, Patrick for most of the game, CBB, and Fulks (I also suspect something is wrong with Phillips’ kicking leg). Injuries to a team’s top DT, C, DE, and three starting WRs (let alone 3 of them being all-conference caliber) would test ANY team in this conference on the road. Despite all that, we ran twice as many plays, didn’t turn the ball over, played three good quarters of football, and had great chances to win at the end. I saw nothing today that makes me think the team is somehow not capable of going 10-2 and winning the division. Sometimes the stars just don’t align.

    Not accusing you of this particularly, but we Ute fans got spoiled with two undefeated seasons in the MWC. That rarely happens in the Pac-12 outside of the blue blood programs. This team is our most talented yet, and still doesn’t have the talent to go undefeated. That does not mean the team isn’t capable of winning the conference. I still think they are well capable of that.

    I say if we were going to lose, might as well lose early to a North opponent. Wouldn’t want to be Arizona next week.

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    Yeah this loss sucks. It stings. But we are still on track for:

    PAC12 South Championship
    PAC12 Championship Game
    Rose Bowl

    It’s one loss to a team that has has shown that they can score points in spades.
    I for one am past it and ready to move on.

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      We have a ton of injuries. Im not so sure.

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        Yeah I am a little more doomsdayish after that loss.  That was the worst PAC12 defense we will face next to the Arizona schools and Utah only managed 23 points.

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    It was pretty painful from the stands.  I just got home from the game with the family.  I couldn’t believe the misfire on the second to last play.  That was painful to watch live.

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    The good news is we have Arizona and Oregon state coming up, and if we can get past those we should be getting some of these guys back for what will be a huge game against UCLA. This hurts because the game at the end basically got served to us on a silver platter and we couldn’t take it. That being said, the fact we were even in this game was a small miracle. By the second half here are starters that we were missing: Patrick, Dielman, Lutui, Siale F, J Williams, CBB, Fitts, Lotulelei, and Porter. Had someone told me we would be missing all those guys, I would have thought we would be in for a 2-10, 3-9 season. These were all people who were expected to be big contributors going into this season. It’s worrisome if we can’t get those guys back, but we are a really good team, and I still think the south is very winnable if we can get past these next two games and start getting healthy.

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    Why is this loss critical? If we want to win the south, a win in Pasadena is almost now a must. Likely to drop another one along the way elsewhere (UW, @CU)

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    Still too early for any read on the season. Teams will likely end up with multiple road losses in this league. Win the home games, split on the road and you have a shot.

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    Williams had a bad game as far as completion %. I’m sure the new receivers didn’t help. However, that pass to Moeai could have been placed better and it was not very long of a pass.

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    It certainly hurts to spend one of our mulligans on a very winnable game. Positives that despite it starting out like a complete disaster and going down 14-0, the team put themselves in position to win the game. I do wish the Utes could have punched it in as easy as they did when the 36 yard TD pass was ruled to be down on the 1 yard line. Next play, up the middle, no problem.


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