Troy Williams Completion Percentages

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      Ute Fan

      Here are Troy’s completion percentages for the year

      SUU: 57%
      BYU: 61%
      SJSU: 71%
      USC: 62%
      Cal: 56%
      AZ: 44%
      OSU: 31%

      I hope (and I believe this to be the case) that Troy is more the qb we saw the first 4 games of the year as opposed to the last 3. I feel like he’s missed a lot more throws the last few weeks than he did to start the season. He’s definitely making better decisions, but I feel like ever since the Cal game he has just looked a little off. He was putting the ball on the money the first four games of the season. I know the passing game has been hampered with Patrick being out, but I feel like he’s just been missing some fairly easy throws the last couple games (i.e. moeai in AZ game). 

      I’ve wondered if his shoulder that was hurt in spring was possibly reinjured? Has anyone else noticed his accuracy slipping? A completion percentage around 50% isn’t going to get it done over the next 5 weeks. We need him to be very dynamic if we’re going to beat some of the teams we’ve got coming up.

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      Ute Fan

      I don’t have anything to add but I think this is very interesting and I’m glad you thought about this, checked it out and shared it.

      I’ll add this to my plate or worries.

      Damn, it’s tough to make it through conference play. I LOVE IT!

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        Ok I’ll play homer advocate on this one.

        AZ was his first experience with insane all-out blitzing, and he had none of his starting receivers plus no starting backs.  Despite that, still won the game.

        OS was terrible weather.  Despite that, still won the game.

        UCLA:  Healthy receivers?  Good weather?  Backs returning?

        Seems like a lot of people are really focused on stats.  That’s great.  The most important stat of all is wins and losses.  We are at the top of the Pac-12 south currently, and I think most would be very happy with this position if you asked them at the beginning of the season. 

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      Wilson’s Mustache
      Ute Fan

      I think it’s a combination of injuries in both the o-line & receiving corp. a long with Nasty weather in the OSU game. I’m not worried about Troy. 

      They wouldn’t be tuning him like they are if he had lingering health issues. 

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      Ute Fan

      Raelon Singleton has 17 completions with an under 50% completion rate..
      Patrick coming back is a game changer.

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      Ute Fan

      I didn’t mean to be pessimistic. I think Troy is money. Certainly the Oregon State game as a whole needs to be thrown out, but I felt like I first noticed several uncharacteristic throws against Cal (remember the screen pass that was supposed to go to fulks that bounced like three yards in front of him?) and it continued vs AZ, and then obviously at Oregon State, which I think you can chalk up to the weather.

      I was more just wondering if others had felt the same way and whether or not anyone had heard if he was a little banged up. I hope it’s that, and that he can get back to how he was earlier in the season and the completion percentage around 50% won’t become a trend.

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        Noticed the same thing: his accuracy is off. Way off. I would have to study tape more closely to determine if it’s mechanics. I really think it’s mental, as if he stiffens up when he thinks to much about it. The short pass he sailed high to Moeai against Cal. There was another short pass of 5 yards that he overthrew against OSU. Both could have been accomplished as shovel passes. He went traditional throw, thought about it, stiffened up and sailed them. He needs to play more instinctual and have the confidence to let her rip like that pass to Patrick against USC.

        If he does not recapture the mojo, we’re in for a tough stretch here.

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      No Patrick and a lot of drops. Holliday has improved the Wideouts but they still drop the ball like a bunch of MWC receivers. 

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        Patrick’s height and wingspan make a good target for an inaccurate passer.

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      Ute Fan

      Don’t underestimate the value of center qb familiarity. And the snaps recently have been all over the place. A snap that is off even some whether by placement or timing can completely change throws. I discovered this coaching football with youth. A college or even NFL QB needs that consistency with his center in order for the offense to work. I think this is the biggest issue. Unfamiliarity. Troy will get better. He has all the tools

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      Ute Fan

      Pre vs post Tim Patrick injury. Dude could catch the ball.

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      I watched the Utah vs OSU game on Football in 60. Interestingly, it was finished in 46 minutes. I had a pad of paper out and Troy Williams had 6 passes that were thrown poorly. The very first play of the game they went deep and that was overthrown, but did not count due to a defensive holding call on the play. He also had one pass that should have been intercepted. Counted only one dropped pass, so that excuse is off the table.

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      Listened to this Scott Mitchell interview where he discussed Troy Williams. In summary, he likes what he see in Williams. He’s doing what’s necessary to win. Felt the low completion % was likely due to mechanics. Also felt that the run heavy strategy against Cal and OSU never allowed him to get into a rhythm which directly goes to building confidence. I can see all of that. I understand why Whitt and Arod dialed up a run heavy game plan against Cal and OSU, but it came with a cost.

      Frankly, Scott should be on the staff coaching the QBs.

      Scott Mitchell – Former Utah Utes and NFL QB – 10-20-16

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