What to make of the Co-OCs . . .

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    Ute Fan

    Looking at our offensive production since joining the Pac-12, I found some interesting info. Looking strictly at Pac-12 play, last year and this year have been the two best seasons as far as Scoring Offense and Total Offense goes.

    Knowing this, I feel very conflicted regarding A-Rod and Harding.

    On the one hand, they seem to be terrible OCs and their inability to produce more offensively is the big hang up preventing this team from being great. 

    On the other hand, they are better than anyone we have had since Ludwig and the offense did improve overall from 2014 to 2015 and again from 2015 to 2016. There is also the consistency factor of having the same OCs for the 3rd straight year, something we haven’t had since Ludwig was here.

    Maybe having them come back for a third year wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Then again, we won’t have Joe Williams next year and he almost single handedly made our offense as effective as it was.


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    Milton Vanderslice
    Ute Fan

    Also Joe Williams ruined the development of Moss, McCormick, and Shyne who were looking good at Cal.  With Williams getting 90% of the reps, the others didn’t have a chance to grow much.  So I don’t know if we would have been as in trouble as people say had Williams not come back.  However, we would have lost to OSU.

    Joe playing was awesome but when we have a single star at one position like that, the guys underneath pay the price.

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      Ute Fan

      Joe was a very fortunate solution to a desperate measure.  I don’t think their development was ruined by Joe returning but was probably moreso curbed because they were all injured, and unforutunately for them they were all injured at the same time.

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      Ute Fan

      Huh? This does not make much sense.  While there is truth that the guys behind Williams did not get as much experience, it seems pointless to lament the fact that we had a star running back.

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      Ute Fan


      Your bitching and moaning about one of the best RB’s in college football right now taking away from the development of a kid that tore up his knee, another that’s too small to play as a P5 RB, and another kid that’s a freshman and was also injured…  I now understand the Utah fan base wanting coaches fired. Thanks.

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        Milton Vanderslice
        Ute Fan

        I’m not calling for any coaches to be fired.  What I am doing is responding to the “Oh no, our entire offense is leaving”.  We’ve had this oh no problem every year it seems like, White, Booker, Williams.  The only way to not have the bulk of your offense leave is to spread the ball around.  That’s all I’m trying to say.  Joe’s greatness changed the way the season would have looked without him.  Had we not had Joe, we would have really seen what our OCs are made of.  Just some rambling thoughts.

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          Ute Fan

          I agree with Milton. He isn’t being negative, he is stating a fact. Once again, the Utah coaches put all their eggs in one basket and it almost cost them. If Williams has a hair less energy, we lose last night. 

          Once again, if we had any sort of pass game, or developed any other runners behind Williams, we could have finished much stronger this year. 

          It’s part of the reason why we struggle so much in November. 

          We spend the first third of the season highlighting one guy, the second third teams start to figure out that one guy, and the final third we struggle, because we have nothing else. 

          It was the same with John White, then Booker and then Joe this year. 

          Look back at Booker’s last year. What if, instead of giving the ball to Booker 30 times a game, we gave him the ball 20 times and Joe 10 times? What if, Joe breaks off a couple of long TD runs. What if, because he wasn’t worked so hard, Booker doesn’t get hurt? 

          You’d think we’d learn our lesson, but nope. We did the same exact thing this year. I LOVED it when we had Asiata and Wide. Why we can’t go back to that blows my mind. 

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            Ute Fan

            Fumblin Joe. There’s a reason why he wasn’t used as much last year.

            PLAN TO WIN- Time tested and infallible

             1. Play Great Defense

             2. Take care of the Football

             3. Score in the Red Zone

             4. Great Special Teams


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          Red Don
          Ute Fan

          Had we not had Joe, we would have really seen what our OCs are made of.”


          And that’s a frightening thought. It’s like a hot dog, I don’t know want to know what they’re made of. Harding might be OK, I don’t think we really know. Co-anythings never work. Ever. If two people are in charge of something, then no one is in charge. Our QBs leave the same as they entered, maybe even worse for some.


          I don’t want another year of ARod doing anything. We need a real QB coach and someone that is halfway innovative running the offense. There’s a lot of these guys out there. Does anyone think Saban will now hire his brother or some buddy of his to replace Kiffin? No he’ll get someone that knows what they’re doing. There is NO ONE in the entire nation considering Harding or ARod for their next OC position. That should tell Whitt something.

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            Ute Fan

            Saban hired Sarkisian to be the new Offensive Coordinator at Alabama.


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