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      In late 2018, the sitting Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott presented his bosses with a wild idea. He wanted to go “Shark Tank” and sell an equity stake in the Pac-12 Conference.The conference members needed a cash infusion. Their media rights agreement was outdated and delivered each Pac-12 member $10 million-a-year less than their peers in the SEC and Big Ten.

      The “Pac-12 NewCo” plan was introduced by Scott to the conference presidents and chancellors at their mid-November meeting and was subsequently discussed in a conference call in December of 2018. Nine months later, Scott went public and said the conference was unable to find a suitable solution. He said of the presidents and chancellors: “They don’t want to do something with a private equity or financial firm.”

      Turns out, there was a deal on the table. Just not one that the presidents and chancellors could agree they should take. The Pac-12 was offered $1 billion for 15 percent equity in the conference by a private-equity firm, per sources involved in the process. The biggest pushback to making the deal came from two particular camps — USC and UCLA.

      “The Trojans have had one foot out the door for two decades.”  Bald Face Truth

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      Well, I guess now they’re the BIG’s problem

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      Canzano is NOT a reliable source. Wilner IS a reliable source.

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        No one is a reliable source.

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        Not sure what the downvotes are for? I live in Portland, where Canzano is currently based. Any and all sports nuts that live here know he’s entire schtick is to stir the pot. He RARELY has a good take anymore and his “sources” have long ago lost trust in him. His radio local radio show went from prime time slot to mid-morning. I would normally feel guilty talking sh@t, but that’s Canzano’s entire thing. Bad mouthing to creat buzz. Just a few examples…

        Listening to Canzano right now. WTF is his problem? from ripcity

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