another convincing win will come with another set of excuses from our byuvu

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      Ute Fan

      counterparts (i guarantee they will say this is a win if its played week 12 after they roll the weak part of their sched)

      but the one thing that remains, it doesnt matter which team has turnovers, injuries, makes the most mistakes. We win. And its because of a massive gap in talent. And thats why its 9 in a row no matter what happens. They searched desperately through misdirection and some gimmicks for room in our defense. Wilson had to throw a perfect ball to a blanketed receiver to complete a pass. While we just lined up and ran it down their throats with them keying on the RB protecting their throat. There was more room in their defense and a much larger margin of error for our team.

      but turnovers and refs will hold them over until they win this game in november. And we will do this all over again next year for some reason

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      Ute Fan

      They really are delusional. From Cougarboard: “Utah scores a single TD on a sustained drive against our D. (OK, classy KWhitt has them take 4 knees at the end). We gave them 21 points off turnovers. That’s the difference in the game. Absent those mistakes (not to mention blown targeting, face mask, and punching calls PAC12 refs missed) we win 12-9. “

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        Every play counts. 


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      Ute Fan

      They just are NUTS !!!!!!!!!!!!! look at the 9 min. they quit……….

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