Another Sunday pow video…

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      This last storm dumped 33+ inches at my ski area of choice:

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      Ute Fan

      That is some Nice Skiing !  I don’t ski. I used to, a long time…  But that Almost makes me want to get back into it. Great video !

      Tony – I’m mainly here to say, Thank U, for this website. I post things, only occasionally. But, I check this site, multiple times per day. And I Love it!  

      This is a Great Resource for Ute Junkies. Very Cool of you to create something that gives many, (like myself), a place to escape to, a place where we can read about, or comment on Ute’s related stuff.  Appreciate all you do, Man. 

      Go Utes !   Football season cannot get here soon enough.  And this year’s team, could be Special 🙌 🏈


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