Anyone else feel like this is on Larry Scott?

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        Ute Fan

        If you look at the conference as a whole, we have underperformed.

        Montana, Utah St, BYU (x3), SDSU, Fresno St, Nevada, Northern Arizona

        Is this in any way a result of the skirt shortening last season? it is almost like a mini death penalty (think SMU) has spread across the conference this year. And let’s be honest Utah played less games than most last year. Last year only playing Pac12 games disguised the weaknesses we probably had, didnt’ see them last year and they are showing up this year.

         Arizona may be worse than Vanderbilt, Kansas, Florida State, Northwestern, Indiana and Georgia Tech. Those are the bottom dwellers of the other current P5 conferences.

        I predict the Utes will beat Arizona, Colorado, and WSU. The Pac12 will not get a team in the CFP and if we’re not carelul will get bypassed by the new Small XII.

        Last year seems to have really set the conference back even more than Scott did in his previous years.

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        Ute Fan

        I don’t think it’s all on Larry. If I remember correctly, practically all the universty’s administrations were behind what some felt were extreme, draconian lock down measures. Without rehashing all that may or may not be behind us, Larry, or anyone for that matter, would have and has been burned at the stake for going against the status quo. Larry, regardless how he felt about it had no choice but to aqueous.

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        Matthew Thomas Castleton
        Ute Fan

        As the old saying goes, take things one game at a time.

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