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      Ute Fan

      Prior to knee injury, was it widely thought Cam was going to turn pro? Last season seems like years ago and my 🧠 is tired tonight.

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      Ute Fan

      No. Here’s why: he has a chance to up his draft stock and he makes too much money at Utah.

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      Tony (admin)

      He wasn’t regarded as a high level prospect last season.

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      Milton Vanderslice
      Ute Fan

      Cam has been hurt every season. I think that will be the NFL’s biggest concern.

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      Roy Rangum
      Ute Fan

      Last year it seemed like Cam was a fringe prospect for the NFL. Not impossible to make it, but far from a lock. If he can really turns some heads next year, maybe that changes. But he’s an older player with an injury history, which aren’t really helping him.

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      Ute Fan

      Cam should know by now he isn’t even close to NFL ready. No deep ball and he doesn’t have any zip on his passes. His ability to extend plays at the college level made him good.

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        Milton Vanderslice
        Ute Fan

        I think he will make an excellent D1 QB coach.

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          Ute Fan

          I’ve been thinking the same thing. I don’t see him making it I the NFL at this point, particularly with the injury history. Would be great if he came back next season along with Kuithe to help us rock the Big12 and make some noise in the new playoff system. Then have Cam join the coaching staff to eventually be the QB coach and maybe even an offensive coordinator someday (assuming he shows promise for such a position of course). Could be a lifer like Scalley.

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            J Rocksville
            Ute Fan

            That’s an interesting thought. Maybe Cam is smart enough to realize that his best chance to have a career in football (if he wants it), is through coaching. He basically got paid six figures to sit on the sideline and observe some HOF coaches for a year, and can come back and take one more shot at glory while still making 6 figures, before jumping on an grad assistant or position coach job somewhere. He seems well liked, so he might make an ace recruiter.

            Financially, he’d make more money in a career of coaching starting now than he would trying to take a shot at the league. Brian Johnson is doing pretty well these days, that seems like a good road map.

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      Jim Vanderhoof
      Ute Fan

      Good post Nashville. That makes total sense. I’m sure Cam is smart enough to know his football days are numbered. His only hope of getting drafted is a deep playoff run next year.

      He is a true leader and his presence has paid dividends with two Rose bowls. Play 1 more year and see what happens. He would be a great QB coach for Wilson if the NFL doesn’t come calling.

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