Coach was just interviewed on ESPN 700

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      Ute Fan

      here is what I remember Coach saying:

      – he actually took a decent amount of the blame for last year. That was refreshing to hear.

      – Said we should hear some really good news in about a week regarding recruiting. Said he was recruiting one transfer, but other than that it would be freshmen and JCs. Sounded very upbeat about recruiting. Seemed like his recruiting is almost entirely in the backcourt (makes sense). Said he is recruiting game changers ( to play right away).

      – Was incredibly high on the incoming freshmen group. However, only one of them will show up this year (Donnie Tillman) as the rest will go on missions. Said that Donnie has the potential to be a program changer. Said his work ethic is off the charts.

      who knows…obviously all he can do is be upbeat. Said he has learned from last year and that his staff are working really hard. Again, sounded really upbeat about the recruiting news we should hear about soon… I guess we will know something (positive or negative) in about a week.

      I’m hopeful. I like him as a coach and think he is a good fit for a program like Utah.

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      Ute Fan

      What could the good news be? I don’t know jack about recruiting, so I’m being dead serious. Who is out there that would be a big get for us?

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        Ute Fan

        There are a couple of big fish out there, but I haven’t heard much. Who knows. 


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