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      Ute Fan

      Obviously no matter what happens this next season, whatever they choose to do (all conference, no bowls, bowls, no playoff/playoff etc) the outcomes will come with asterisks everywhere, and it will get written off as “that covid season.” I think it’s a great opportunity for our young guys to get reps and game time in a season that doesn’t matter as much as other seasons, and prepare them for the future. This years team wasn’t supposed to be special like last years team, and was pegged to be a 7-9 win team because of inexperienced starters. The coaching staff should take advantage and give the young guys some reps in a less scrutinized season/situation.

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      Plus Covey will be 43 years old. 

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        User Suspended
        Ute Fan

        anyone have a recent photo of him…. assuming he’s completely bald by now.

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      Ute Fan

      He’ll never graduate lol

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        Ute Fan

        He’s probably already graduated.

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      Matthew Thomas Castleton
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      Will it be a 10-game conference season? Doesn’t that mean Utah would have to add another conference opponent? Beings that Utah already has five conference road games and only four conference home games, you’d think Utah would be getting another home game to replace the two non-conference home games that they are losing (vs. BYU and Montana State). I am pretty much certain that the additional game will be against Stanford. They wouldn’t force Oregon to play back-to-back road games @ Utah (we played them at home in 2018), causing the additional game to be, by definition, against Stanford, who Utah last played in 2018 @ Stanford.

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        Ute Fan

        Stanford for BYU/MT State… I’m good w that trade.

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