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        The temp should be around 28 degrees with only 4% chance of precipitation at 5:30 p.m. At 8:30 p.m., the temp should be around 23 degrees with 5% chance of precipitation. So for those afraid of getting snowed on, it’s looking like you’ll be safe. It will be a bit chilly, but wind is only expected to be around 4 mph, which helps a lot.

        Bradlee Anae, Francis Bernard, Julian Blackmon, Terrell Burgess, Leki Fotu, Tyler Huntley, Zack Moss, Demari Simpkins, Tareke Lewis, Darrin Paulo, Josh Nurse, Paul Toala, Derrick Vickers, Jaylon Johnson (draft), etc… If there was ever a senior class that deserved to see a packed house for their last game at Rice Eccles, it is this class.

        If you know any ute fans who are skipping out on the game for anything other than health, finances or very important family situations, give them some hell. I think of programs like Nebraska that haven’t been relevant in years, yet if you watch any game in Lincoln their big ass stadium is packed full. We’re on the cusp of a CFP/Rose appearance and the wasatch front has millions of people. There’s no reason there shouldn’t be 45k+ in Rice Eccles this Saturday. 

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        Ute Fan

        Correct you are J-Cut! Even the zoobs have taken to attending Utah games — if for no other reason than to root for the other team, and/or take pictures of how empty the stadium looks before the kickoff, and try passing those photos off as late 2nd-Qtr / early 3rd-Qtr stadium attendance.

        But at any rate, if THEY can make it to the stadium, there’s no reason why Utah students and alumni who live in the Salt Lake metropolitan region can’t.

        GO UTES!!!

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          I truly don’t believe zoobs would cough up the money for a UofU football ticket….they do Groupon.   Whatever disposable income is earmarked for Disney and Traeger grills. 

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        Tony (admin)

        Gonna be a cold one. Hopefully the lack of altitude will be a disadvantage for Colorado.

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