Don’t be surprised…

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      …if Utah wins going away.

      This one has been circled for a long time!

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      My hope, Tyler Huntley can play a complete game and not exacerbate his injury. WR do not drop passes and improve on that 13% drop rate. Zach Moss has a great typical bulldozer game. Utah’s OL protects and blocks out. The D does what they have done for the last four games. The secondary is dialed in and does not give up big plays. That all the Utes play lights out and are assignment sound. The team is +2 on TOs. The team starts hot and moves to blistering. That the coaching staff is on point, fine tuned, and able to respond quickly to mismatches. That the entire team is emotionally prepared for a hard fought grudge of a game where their conditioning pays off in the 4th quarter. And Redding makes all of his FGs.

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        That’s a lot to hope. I don’t think all of that is necessary to win.

        I hope we win, even it is by one point. I will say it will be a lot less stressful if we win by two or three touchdowns. 

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