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        Scott Mitchell summed it up on KSL Sports Zone (see below). Google it or check Twitter for the sound version.  

        “I am not interested in moral victories. I am so tired of hearing everybody say give Florida credit. Bull crap, you all stunk in that game. It had nothing to do with Florida.”

        Sly said some good stuff as well on KALL 700. I get the impression some of the Ute veterans calling the team out may be saying Utah is little too full of themselves. Riley of course tows the company line rationalizing the loss from “misssed opportunities.” 

        A lot of hype for a 10-5 Utah team in their last 15 games. We’ll find out a lot about ASU this week. UCLA has a cushy schedule until they play UW the week before Utah. Don’t sleep on ASU. They still have a lot of talent on that team and to be fair, KW has historically not played well against ASU. 

        ASU has UFs starting QB from last year. IMO, ASU and UCLA have good QBs that can run and throw. I don’t see Utah going into the USC game without at least one P12 loss especially with the weak front seven exposed during the UF game, of course happy to eat crow if incorrect. Gottta love college football.

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        KW’s about to make it 3 straight against ASU & 5 of the last 7…..He’s proven to beat them routinely…..I don’t sweat them at all…..Our only challenging conference game preceding USC will be OSU & that one’s at RES.

        There’s not a team on our remaining schedule that we shouldn’t beat.

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        Florida would win the Pac12 north and challenge for the south.

        If Emory Jones was any good he’d still be in Gainesville. He was basically run out of town with Mullen.

        Utah has 1 game left where they won’t be the prohibitive favorite and that’s SC.

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        Sad that Scott Mitchell dissed a great team, given his so-so career with Utah. Never beat a ranked team, never played an SEC team. I was at the game, Cam Rising played great-one mistake the entire game. And going for the win instead of a tie. Mitchell has no idea how hard it is to play in front of of 90,000 fans in the 3rd loudest stadium in CFP. I predict 10 wins for Utah this year.

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