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      Ute Fan

      If non-conference games are cancelled, how will the BYU series be handled?

      This year’s game is supposed to be the return game in the latest home-home agreement with BYU. The next home-home agreement begins with Utah going to Provo in 2021 and BYU coming back to SLC in 2024.  

      Although most of us, myself included, would be fine with cancelling any game with BYU, I don’t think any of us would be okay with playing in Provo for back-to-back matchups in the series (2019 & 2021). 

      Would BYU be willing to move the 2021 game to SLC? Or does the 2021 game get cancelled as well to keep the series balanced and in line with what it has been the last 40 years or so (even years in SLC, odd years in Provo)? What other options are there?

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      Ute Fan

      This is how you get audited asking these kinds of questions. 

      Umm I would prefer cancelling it all together this year. If Utah has to go to RESouth so be it. #teniscoming

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