Facts ( As I See Them)

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    The last two years I have learned many brutal truths about Utah football. 


    1. Due to our lack of professional teams (baseball, football), has hyped up UT Football do the extent that IMO the players believe they are gods. Many are not highly recruited. While I acknowledge recruiting has gotten better colletively it is what it is. The players go 8 or so months being told how great they are util the lights turn on. Here and only here is where the studs versus the duds are seperated. Some have lived up to there “believed calling” (Moss, Covey, Hansen etc.) Others are paper tigers (Huntley, Mariner, Simpkins etc.). Through three games we have seen our key guys flat out scared. They show up and”ball out” when no one cares and the lights are not bright. With this is mind we have enough to make a bowl (with 6 wins) 95 percent of the time. That’s good enough for many unfortunetly they would rather play on Instagram and facebook telling the world how awesome they are and then shrink when the lights are the brightest. IMO those who work don’t need to talk, they dont need constant social media validation. Other than Moss who Insta’s quite a bit. I believe this to be true. 

    2. In order to make up for lack of talent we must be disciplined and play mistake free football. It seems like when it comes to UTAH v the other team, the other team is just waiting for us to make a mistake.  The difference yesterday was not an overall lack of talent, we matched up with Washington.  Washington didn’t make mistakes and we did, Washington just waited that’s all they did. They just waited and we threw up all over ourselves again. This will continue to happen in “Big” games the rest of the year. It is what it is. I am a fan and will continue to be so. Whitt is a very good coach we are lucky to have him IMO. Maybe we coudl find someone better; I’m open to it but who ? If you look at the past 10 years in the PAC who has instantly succeeded for long periods after a coaching change ? I mean look at USC, Oregon State, ASU, AZ,UCLA. If someone has a real suggustion I’m all for it. 


    Last note. Offensive line played much better. I was happy about that. 

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    Pace Manyung
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    I agree that talent was fairly even last night.  Execution fundamentals and play calling is the problem

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    Facts laden with some pretty heavy opinion. 

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    Good point on the lack of pro teams, I think you’re right. 

    Was proud of the online last night, especially counting on a redshirt freshman Nick Ford on his third game ever, to switch positions again (was dline in high school, then left guard, now right tackle). No one was perfect, but they stepped up. Most improved, gives me hope we can get better. 

    Moss and Covey gutted it out through a lot of pain. I hope they are ok. 

    Targeting calls could have gone either way. Backups played well. Depth on D is as advertised. 

    Refs were inconsistent, but we can’t control them. We made way more mistakes then they made bad calls. No sense in complaining about them. Make some plays. 

    Special teams cleaned it up. Nice work. 

    Are shyne, green and Brumfield really that bad? Especially when our oline stepped it up? 

    Receivers made some catches. Also had some drops. Between timing of the route and touch, Huntley didn’t make it any easier on them.

    Huntley ran well and slid. I’m losing confidence in him as a passer though and it seemed like he struggled to read the defense. Maybe UW had some disguised packages, but I don’t remember seeing that?

    I am not in the fire Whit or Taylor camp whatsoever. I am in take some responsibility and figure it out camp though – find a way to maximize your talent and win. Hell, find a way to play disciplined and minimize mistakes and we are significantly improved. 



    1. Go back to the fundamentals

    2. Clean up mistakes




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