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    You know what the worst part about playing in Provo is? Hint: It’s not the drive. It’s their assymetrical Y logo at midfield. It’s an eyesore and distracting to the game. It’s seriously all I can focus on sometimes. 
    Who caught that ball? Couldn’t tell, my eyes were peripherally distracted by their lopsided logo. 
    Hopefully we’re in favorable…[Read more]

  • Let’s score some friggin points this year. 
    Misdirection, red zone efficiency, quick passes, trick plays, funky formations. Let’s see it all. 
    We are a long ways away from a surgical passing game, but let’s see what we can do. 
    I’m so excited to see something new. I’m still cautiously optimistic and picking 8-4. 

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    Lots of talk about the new offense, and rightly so. At the end of the day though, will it be better, worse, the same or some combination? 
    I think I fall somewhere between same to better. Same because it will be hard to install overnight, better because we have more athletes and options at quarterback. 

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    I cannot wait for football to start. Probably going watch the sugar bowl this weekend. I might even watch it a second time before football starts to hold me over. 
    Does anyone else do this, or do my friends and I just have problems? 

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    Has anyone heard much about our kicking game? I think we have Hicken and a juco guy. 
    They have big shoes to fill with Andy being finished. Will they be just as good, almost as good, or will we see more riverboat Kyle this year? 
    In the warmups for the spring game, I thought I saw them hitting a few from distance, but that’s practice. 
    Anyone…[Read more]

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