• LOVED seeing Utah be aggressive and get a fg going into the half. How many times have we seen us kneel with ample time and timeouts? 
    On second thought, maybe we tried earlier this season and threw a pick? Not sure. 
    Either way, good execution and aggression. Play smart football with reasonable plays and maximize the timeouts. 
    Let’s see if we…[Read more]

  • fthey started the topic Epiphany in the Football forum. 1 month ago

    Had another thought after discussing the 4th and 1 call with you guys.
    What if: 
    Our receivers and tight ends are below average
    Therefore, we need above average qb play to offset the offensive deficiencies
    And Huntley is just average
    And we need better than average qb play
    Then maybe we are asking too much of Huntley and should lower…[Read more]

  • fthey started the topic 4th and 1 Throw Breakdown in the Football forum. 1 month ago

    I have no extra film time on this play other than the replay on TV. I very well could be missing something, but this is my take. 
    If Moss is dinged up, we don’t have confidence in the backups or oline, and we’ve already gone to covey every play, I don’t mind this call. It worked, so I’m ok with it. It was a TD in the making. 
    What I…[Read more]

  • fthey started the topic Nacua in the Football forum. 1 month ago

    He made some catches tonight. Missed some blocks though. Time to keep it going and step up. 

  • fthey started the topic Wazzu in the Football forum. 1 month ago

    Wazzu will be tougher than people think. Granted, they are playing eastern washington, but their last drive was money (small sample size, that’s all I’ve seen). 
    I don’t care what drama they had in their program, their quarterback can throw. 
    How are other teams capable of reloading at quarterback year after year after year, while we aren’t sure…[Read more]

  • FtheY replied to the topic Spin it any way you want. in the forum Football 1 month ago

    True. But the zoob talk….I don’t know if I can handle it. 

  • fthey started the topic College Gameday Recap in the Football forum. 1 month ago

    For those that couldn’t watch:
    Herbie said this game could be a preview of the PAC 12 championship
    He specifically told the east coast folks to stay up and watch this game
    When the end of the season comes, these could be two of the better teams in the nation
    Rice Eccles will be crazy
    Browning is inconsistent, particularly with INTs
    Gaskin…[Read more]

  • Overall, I’m fairly happy with our performance tonight. 
    1. We saw some flashes of great things to come.
    2. We got some 2s and 3s, as well as the young guys some run. Thats an investment in the future of the program.
    3. We made some mistakes which will create learning opportunities this week. It’s better to learn the hard way in games where you…[Read more]

  • fthey started the topic 2019 Recruiting in the Football forum. 4 months ago

    What should we expect with 2019 recruiting? We’ve had some pretty good classes these last two years. 
    For example, last year we had a small class due to mission guys returning. Are there any other things we should be cognizant of? There only one I can think of would be that we might be light on linebackers this year due to the Lund and Bernard…[Read more]

  • FtheY replied to the topic Come on Jazz! in the forum NBA 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Capella balled out tonight. Rudy’s last shot attempt should have been a two handed dunk – go up strong. Please. 

  • Tim Hardaway and his killer crossover were money.

  • fthey started the topic Superbowl in the NFL forum. 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    As someone that hasn’t watched a single NFL game all year, what should I keep an eye out for today? Any exciting players or schemes? I’m sure Brady’s surgical approach will be fun to watch at least. 

  • fthey started the topic Covey in the byu/tds forum. 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    I dropped the idiot board and there are folks saying Covey is going to the Y. Are they blowing smoke trying to get some sucker like me to repost, or is there truth to this? I guess it’s coming from a rumor elsewhere? 

  • fthey started the topic Recruiting in the Football forum. 9 months, 1 week ago

    Looks like we are still in the mix for a lot of decent players (indicated by warmer status).
    It’s pretty cool to see guys with Utah in their top 5s, which also include the USCs and Bamas of the world. Now we just need to get one or two of those recruits to head our way to really…[Read more]

  • fthey started the topic Oregon State in the Misc forum. 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    Do you think Oregon State will take Mike Reilly back?
    I bet they shop around first, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen. Unless he burned bridges there or something when he left, I have no idea if that was the case though. 
    Or, is Mike Reilly ready to call it quits for good? 

  • fthey started the topic Mitch Wish in the Football forum. 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    Thoughts on Mitch. 
    What happened to him last night? Was it me, or were his kicks shorter than usual and less accurate? He also had that one bad shank (maybe it was deflected, I couldn’t tell). 
    I hope he gets it still, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t get the Ray Guy this year. I feel like his average punt length (albeit just one…[Read more]

  • fthey started the topic Quotes of the Game in the Football forum. 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    For those that missed it, or were at the game, Papadakis had some hilarious quotes. 
    “Moss is knocking these guys over like bowling pins, and Colorado is even dressed like them.”
    “They have so many Ray guy awards, mark helfrich tripped over them walking into the building. They’ve got em everywhere, using them as doorstops.”
    “I love these Utah…[Read more]

  • fthey started the topic Hats in the Football forum. 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    I’m excited to see our helmets tonight with the U’s painted on them. 
    My favorite ones this year were the white ones without the Utah stripe and oversized drum and feather. So fresh and so clean. 

  • fthey started the topic Tyquez Hampton in the Football forum. 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    Anyone seen him lately? 
    Wasn’t he getting some run earlier this season? I remember people being excited for him out of fall camp. 
    Is he hurt? Getting best out by others? Or am I just blind?

  • Let’s talk Ippolito. He came in as a linebacker and is now playing fullback. Does this mean:
    1. That Whitt is fundamentally ok with defensive players moving to the offense where it makes sense? WHAT. 
    2. While the previous 4 games were rough, that we finally have an OC that sees an opportunity and exploits it by playing to people’s…[Read more]

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