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      Man, the potential and talent of this group is unreal. However, I’m not drinking the koolaid this year…only a sip here and there. Potential and improvement don’t mean anything, it all comes down to results on the field.

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      I believe with a healthy Cam Rising – we may have the deepest roster in Utah football history.  That being said, the makeup of this year’s PAC12 seems to be the toughest this conference or any conference we have played in has been.  There are at least five top-25 teams in this conference IMO and other teams have improved.

      I have simply decided to enjoy the ride in 2023.  I am not going to worry about conference championships and top-4 ratings.  We have a very talented group of players but with the schedule we have – we will likely lose some games.  I would love to go undefeated, but I am not going to worry about it.

      If Cam Rising can’t go on game one, I am going to cheer hard for our new QB and enjoy seeing this team perform on the field.  It’s like when I am golfing.  If am playing well, and the guys I am playing against are playing better that day – I go home happy.  It’s when I play badly that I go home not-so-happy. 🙂 (That happens too often.)

      Go Utes!!!


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        We need a deep threat to draw guys off of Kuithe. If we can nab someone like that in the portal we will be golden (assuming Cam is ready day 1 and stays healthy).

        While this is the best mix of talent and experience we’ve ever had on defense, we don’t yet know who the leader of the D will be. I’m sure someone has stepped up already, but it will be fun to see who that ends up being. I’m guessing Cole Bishop.

        The biggest thing I was wondering prior to spring was whether ZV got better with his technique, and it looks like he is much improved. We also have the new guy, and Broughton. We are looking very deep across the board on defense.

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