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      Ute Fan

      Still have the highest avg class ever – looks like we jumped to .8753 now. All numbers here are 247 composites. 

      I’m doing this from memorry, but if someone has a way to validate this, please let me know.

      Ryan Peppins from 86 to 87

      Elijah Davis from 85 to 86

      Chris Reed 86 to 85 – could be wrong, but swore he was a 86 previously 

      Chase Kennedy from 84 to 85

      No major swings, but nice to see guys getting to 85 or more. As I mentioned the other day, this class is strong because we significantly raised our floor. The 4* guys help our average, but now we only have 1 guy below an 85, where we usually have a handful or more. Also, lots of 87 and 88 guys this year.


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      Ute Fan

      You can look at “Rankings History” on their page to see how things have changed.  

      Here is Peppins:

      So, yesterday some other website adjusted ratings and thus changed the composite:

      Peppins – .8678 to .8702

      Davis – .8527 to .8643

      Reed – .8624 to .8527

      Kennedy – .8416 to .8506

      Knaack – .8477 to .8484


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        Ute Fan

        Never knew that was there. Thanks mfaulk. 

        In other news, I guess my memory could be worse. Got most of ’em right! 

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      Ute Fan

      I love football statistics, but I don’t understand these recruiting ratings.  Are they some kind of sabrmetric for football?  What are the variables they factor?

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        Ute Fan

        Each service is supposed to have boots on the ground everywhere, that go to high school games and watch the players, or watch tons of tape. They are supposed to have objective quantifiables, but I’m sure there’s a ton of subjective judgments. Anyway, the various scouts send in their ratings and they are compiled, and each service posts a rating. 247’s composite averages all of the services together to come up with a standardized score. Obviously there are better scouts than others, so while the ratings are generally correct, oft times they are way off. Thus the averaging and standardizing is generally the best way of getting a “good” idea what the recruits measurables are.

        The Utah coaches have their own scouts, and they do their own analysis, thus we end up with a lot of under-rated kids. Interestingly, part of the rating system is seeing which schools make them offers. The better the offers, the more they get bumped up. A kid gets offers from Bama, Ohio State, Georgia, and other blue bloods, and they will literally bump up their ratings.

        It’s all a crap shoot, and I trust Utah’s coaches to find the best kids for their system. It’s working out so far.

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          Ute Fan

          Thanks.  I’m so glad we have coaches with a knack for spotting talent and who can also coach up the talent we get.

          Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to be a fan of one of those teams who get loads of talent but can barely stay relevant?

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