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      Thanks to all who have donated so far in the 2020 Ute Hub fall fundraiser.  The fundraiser is now past 50% of the goal! Some of you are very generous and all of you have my gratitude. I’m happy to keep putting my elbow grease and web development expertise into this great community and glad to have some help on the material expenses!

      DONATE to help support Ute Hub and keep the site running and free of advertising.

      No donation is too small (or too big!)

      Funds raised in the fundraiser will go toward the following:

      • Dedicated server costs ($1400/year)
      • Development
      • Support
      • Equipment
      • Software
      • Domain registration fees
      • SSL certificates (so the site can be secure)
      • Apple app store developer fee ($100/year)
      • Google Play store developer fee ($25/year)
      • Other items necessary to develop and support the website and mobile apps.
      • Chat software ($20/month)

      Thank you for your support and GO UTES!

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