Final Call For Input – Ute Hub App Bugs/Improvements

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      Because of an Apple app store requirement I have to submit a modified version of the Ute Hub app by the end of June.  This will be mostly a release to comply with Apple’s requirements, which will result in no visible difference to the user.  I have a couple of weeks left to fix any issues, bugs etc that are out there. I’ve fixed a few bugs here and there like issues with the polls and graphs not displaying properly and a few others. The one main bad bug I’ve found, which I probably won’t be able to fix by end of June, is an avatar upload issue.  SO that will likely be disabled until I have a fix for it.  

      Please comment in Ute Hub app bug issues if you have any, and let me know what device you’re on and how to reproduce them.  Suggestions and new features are also welcome and I’l make note of them for future development.

      New features I’d like to get done later on include:

      Private Messages
      Pick Em
      Predict The Score

Viewing 0 reply threads

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