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        I love the confidence of the team.  

        Adam RittenbergESPN Senior Writer 

        Utah safety Julian Blackmon on the statement the Utes hope to make right now: “That we’re here. And I hope you’re ready because if we get to the playoffs, we’re gonna beat somebody’s brains in. That’s it.” Utah is extremely confident and rightfully so. One of the more balanced teams in college football this year.

        Julian Blackmon gives great quotes and seems like he is fun to interview.  He just tells it like it is.

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        I don’t like it. Inside the locker room, they can say or believe whatever they want.

        To the outsiders, they have to have the “next game” mentality.

        He made a similar quote before USC game.

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        @bombastic I tend to agree with you, though I don’t remember any such comments before USC.

        However, as petty as it would mean the CFP Committee can be, if that somehow got them into the CFP based on the committee thinking, “you think you’re so big and bad, well here you go,” I’m all for it. Either way they gave to continue to dominate and Kwhitt would have multiple weeks to make sure their minds are right.

        On a semi-related note, with so many teams in the thick of it for the 4th spot, I can’t help but wonder how much storylines will come into play. I like to think “Likely Heisman winner vs most dominant-down-the-stretch defense” is an appealing one with “#s 1 and 2 QBs with highest completion percentage in the nation go toe to toe” as a fun subplot. They are much better than “Burrow vs Tua’s backup” and “rematch of a lopsided SEC championship”.

        P.S. I think that is the ticket, LSU destroys in the SEC championship and Utah destroys Oregon in the PAC championship.

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