Good article on Huntley with some surprising stats

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      PAC 12’s Overlooked QB


      One iinteresting quote from the article of the many things that surprised me:


      If Huntley maintains his current passer rating of 187.6 it would set a Pac-12 single-season record, surpassing the 181.7 passer rating established by Oregon’s Marcus Mariota in 2014.


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      I wanna say that it is surprising but it isn’t really surprising. I feel like Ludwig accomplishing it is the most surprising thing. Oline is starting to really gel as well. Projections are going up on a typically bullish Utah offense. 

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      Bigger tests coming with ASU and UW. Amazing what a solid OC like Ludwig can do especially only half way through a
      season with a new system install. Support of a bad ass defense getting him the ball is nice. Got to believe it’s only going to get better as the offense continues to get comfortable with the Ludwig system. Refreshing to watch an offense that is more unpredictable. ZM getting the 2nd half off was huge. ASU is going to bring the heat trying to make TH uncomfortable. Ludwig will out smart Herm this year. WRs are getting loose now too. This will be a much different game than last year.

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        Yep. THOSE will be the games that determine whether we’re a “contender” or a “pretender”.

        I like us with a 20-13 win over ASU.

        GO UTES!!!

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      Thanks for the link. Nice that Huntley is getting some recognition. Guy is playing lights out.

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