Good fan showing at the Rose Bowl. Way to represent!

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        Ute Fan

        First time poster.  I love the site.  I was proud of our fans at the UCLA game.  By the end it was all red.  The UCLA fans treated my group with respect.  As a group, the UCLA fans were lackluster and they flooded out when they got down by 2 TDs.  I met several people with team Williams jerseys.  Good times.

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        I met extended family (cousins) of Raelon Singleton. One was from Texas with a UT hat on so I had to ask.

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        Ute Fan

        Was at the game, I asked a UCLA fan how Utah’s turn-out was compared to other teams, he said Utah usually has the best or one of the best turn outs. Utah fans did a great job getting out there.

        They also think all Utah fans are hicks. They seemed to assume we were from some small cowboy town and 5 years behind the rest of the world. Californians (of which I am one) can be a bit uppity.

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        Ute Fan

        This was our first game experience at the Rose Bowl. Our experience was quite the opposite from AlohaUte’s. From the time we entered the line to take the tram to the stadium we were greeted by many friendly UCLA fans welcoming us. The man and his son who stood behind us in line told us that regardless of what happened during the game UCLA fans would treat Utah fans with respect since Utah had knocked off USC a few weeks earlier. After the game as we waited for the Metro many more UCLA fans came out of their way to interact with us.

        Coincidentally, we traveled to the Utah/UCLA basketball game earlier in the year and had the exact same reception from UCLA fans. We didn’t meet any fans that weren’t friendly and welcoming.

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        Ute Fan

        We were treated well. There’s no animosity in this game. The worst fan behavior I witnessed were actually two Utah fans in our section who were eventually kicked out. Otherwise it was really tame.

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        The UCLA fans were all nice. They seemed to be down or negative on their results thus far after they were expected to contend for the South. Lot of negativity towards Mora over how he’s handled the Offense. Some fans were negative on Rosen saying that he’s full of himself. Frankly, I share that view.

        We were sitting on the West Side which is where the older alumni end up sitting. New alumni (is low donor value) start off on the East Side which gets the sun in their face. The people around us were asking us a lot of football questions. They were honestly intrigued by Utah’s program and how it pulls off what it does. They were in shock at the speed demonstrated by Joe Williams. Frankly, all of us were.

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