Has Whit hit his ceiling

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      The Utes lose in heart breaking fashion to the Washington Huskies. Many fans are pointing to the late timeout called by Head Coach Kyle Whittingham as the main reason for the L. This is causing many fans to ask, has Whittingham hit his ceiling? Cameron, Ryan, and Scott answer that as well as talk to Michelle Bodkin from utezone.com. The guys also take a look ahead to the must win game against Colorado to wrap up the show.

      Episode 97

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      Short answer, no. I’ll be here all day for other questions.

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      Hit his ceiling?  Yes, an undefeated season and a win against Alabama is a pretty good ceiling, good enough to get to a playoff game if we can do that in this conference.  This year we started or rotated in 12-14 freshman and sophomores (including our starting QB).  If anyone was expecting a conference championship this year, then that’s on them for unreal expectations.  The next two years those expectations for me will go up because of our experience, but this year we didn’t have much experience (especially on O) and our experienced players were injured quite often.  

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        I agree…but to clarify…it was an undefeated MWC schedule. 

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          Im aware, but I think KW has shown what he can do when he team has enough talent(the last few years we needed a better QB to get us over the top).  We have to compare our talent to the talent we are playing against.  USC, UCLA, Oregon, Stanford, Washington, Az St all have better talent on paper.  Their recruiting classes are always ranked higher and they are usually projected to beat us.  KW has beaten several of these teams more than once.  Which means he(and staff) are coaching up our talent better than some of these schools.  Im pretty excited to see what we can do with an experienced Huntley and transitioning into Tuttle.

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      Short answer: no. 

      Slightly longer answer: what type of stupid f**king question is that? Are we really this god damn dumb to ask this question? What sort of idiot of would even assume this? 

      And, if we’ve hit our ceiling, it’s not Whitt’s ceiling, it’s Utah’s ceiling. 

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      no. 9 wins is around his ceiling, aka we aren’t going to be a perennial power always expected to win the conference and challenge for a playoff spot.. but nobody can tell me we couldn’t have won 10 or even 11 games those seasons. We were very close to doing it.

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        I enjoy being close but hope for more someday. 

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      Every damn year we get this question. Answer is and has been no.

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        Answer is yes

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      Hey Whitt is Vince Lombardi compared to Jason Garrett, head coach of my depressing Cowboys.


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