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      Ute Fan

      there’s a video out about hot rod’s life.  i have xfinity and i recorded/erased it so i can’t even tell you for sure which station it was on but i think it was either the nba channel or altitude.  it is really well done and sheds a lot of light on hot rod.  as a kid, i thought i knew basketball.  watching his simulcasts taught me the game.  he really knew the game.  i also remember him calling out darrell griffith for having bricks for hands.  he wasn’t afraid to tell it like it was.  if you were a fan of hot rod, it’s a very entertaining 1.5 hours.  it’s really good especially if you were a jazz fan from the get go.

      edit. it has jerry west, jerry colangelo, frank layden, dave fredman, jim nantz, ron boone and the like. they spared nothing to get all the right names on this video to talk about hot rod

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      Ute Fan

      saw it last year and I agree, very good.  Sad at times, but very, very good.  A lot of hard lessons in there we could all learn from

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