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      Ute Fan

      MSU is a pretty balanced team, from what I saw. I think it’ll be a different story if all Oregon has to do is prepare to stop the run. If Wilson can loosen up the D a bit with even a couple downfield routes, look for Booker to have a big day. If he can’t we could be in trouble.

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      Ute Fan

      potential coming out party for Booker. If we can block for him…. Oregons run defense is weak, and 200 yards in a win @ Autzen would really open some peoples eyes.

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      I would like to see the boards thoughts on this. I was able to catch a few quarters of the Ducks vs Spartans game. The final quarter it felt like the Spartan RB was slow but still gashing the Ducks up on that final scoring drive. Which made me pretty confident, I watched the Spartans really open holes and blockers moving up the field. Which on the flip side is a concern for me. Booker doesn’t wait for his blockers which is probably his greatest weakness. Maybe because he hasn’t had great opportunities to see blockers in front of him. Against Fresno St, I think Booker had a few runs where he could have been a little more patient and possibly turned it into a bigger play. I really believe that it is possible Booker could have a huge game. If he is serious about the Heisman stuff it needs to get done in these games. I also loved to see those two back sets against Fresno St. Joe Williams is very fast and I would like to see some throws to him instead of Poole in the backfield.

      Ducks have skill players on the offensive side and Utah’s backfield to me has seemed either lazy or not as intelligent as it has been. Utah is getting interceptions but there have been a lot of close calls and Fresno St and Utah st cashed in on those lapses. Contain hasn’t been that great on a QB able to move the chains. Where is Jason Whittingham? Am I just missing him or is he injured?

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      Wilson’s Mustache
      Ute Fan

      From what I have read from Oregon Fans, their defense needs a lot of work. Not going to say Utah will win, but I could see even Utah’s offense putting up a lot of points.

      Still have to out score Oregon though….and thats a tall task.

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      Ute Fan

      The best way to cook a Duck this year is cramming some pig skin down their throats, with spices of bacon crisping the outside and slants over the middle to exploit the eventual blitz. Add in some Covey on the outside and I think Utah can exploit the Ducks. Our defense needs to be focused 100% of the time though so who knows.

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      Ute Bc
      Ute Fan

      I want to believe we will win. My heart says we can. My mind says we won’t. Really hope I am wrong but we still have a problem offensively. It’s a little bit talent and a lot coaching. Unless/until we start using the entire field (beyond 7 yards) we are going to be in defensive battles. Teams will continue to stack the box – and this aint Fresno.

      Love our defense, but against an explosive team like Oregon, we need some big plays and drives – something our offense has not shown us yet…

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      Ute Fan

      Saute’ your Duck in Booker sauce over low heat at about 200 YFS. Sprinkle bits of Wilson over the top and a dash of Covey underneath.

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      Ute Fan

      My wish list for Saturday
      2 early TDs on drives that are unusually heavy on play-action passes and maybe even a completion on a vertical route or 2
      Take a 3-10 point lead into half-time
      Start the 2nd half with a 7 minute drive where Booker shows his strength
      3 and out on the following drive
      Another drive where Booker busts his way down the field killing off the 3rd and getting us into the 4th
      Close out the game in classic Kyle hold onto your butts mode.
      Utes squeak out 38-35

      It’s a mix of fantasy and possible reality and I’ll imagine it that way until it happens.

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