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        But, the real season starts next week.  We will see next week what this team is really made of at home.  Next week I think tells us more than this week did. It will tell us if guys are all in or not. 

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        Looks like the PAC 12 is on par with the Big Sky this year.

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          Do you watch the Big Sky?

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            yep. I was able to watch Big Sky Weber State expose Utah’s weaknesses which the following two teams used to great advantage. That same night I watched Big Sky Montana beat the crap out of the predicted co-favorites.

            Two weeks later, I watched the 2nd half of one of the worst Big Sky teams beat Arizona.

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        Well it starts every week for this team. I think Rising brings more wrinkles than Brewer. Passing wise they are both underthrowing balls.
        Oline is a mess on a mess. Just hoping they can get better for some rush blocking at least.
        Looking for some positives?? For a young team penalties have not been as big of an issue. A few costly ones took place but only 51 yards is pretty good.7/21 on third down is bad. The first red zone appearance was unfortunate because of the penatly not being called on the fourth down.
        2022 was the year I was looking forward to. Rising looks good now to me though.

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          19-32 (59%), 153 yards (4.78 y/att) was an improvement over Brewer but isn’t going to win games. Everyone pretended Ludwig was the QB whisperer in 2019 but it is obvious that Huntley was the key.

          Ludwig needs to punch up that resume and hope that no one looks past 2019 when hiring.

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            After Bentley and Brewer, those stats look great. That’s why people are loving him. Plus his running capabilities help

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