I haven’t read the board, but here is my take on a disappointing effort

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        Ute Fan

        First, we were outcoached.  Kalani’s OC and DC owned Scally and Ludwig

        My chief complaint on Lugwig during his first stance here was his inability to account for 1st down pressure.  This showed again tonight.  He couldn’t adjust.  A tight end sweep, WR bubble screen, end around all could have lessened the pressure BYU was getting yet we did nothing to slow them down.  

        Scally’s blitzes were pretty plain and easy to pick up.  He also played zone almost everytime we blitzed.  Not our forte’.  Result would be a Hall scramble and a WR would get lost in the zone for the 1st down.  Again, no adjustments for this throughout the game.  

        Second, I never like to call players out, but there was one DL that IMHO, should never see the field again.  His lack of effort was ridiculous.  Literally standing up and giving up very quickly on almost every play.  Early on I thought he was hurt or playing contain, but nope, just not wanting to play the game.  Why Morgan didn’t bench him is beyond me.  

        Finally, Congrats to Kalani.  Good guy who earned this by doing his job well.  Good job by Hall as well.  I thought Bernard showed enough last week to be the guy, but apparenlty the coaches didn’t agree.  Hopefully after tonight they do.  This was one of the least physical Ute teams I’ve seen in 20 years.  Very sad and disappointing.  Hope we figure it out or else SDSU is going to own us next week as well.  

        Go Utes!

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        Ute Fan

        I was at the game, so didn’t get as close a look at the game, but I was not impressed with #4 on our defense. Seems like he got burned frequently.

        Our inability to stop the run was incredibly frustrating. The team just didn’t seem to play with any real interest.

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        You know, call me a conspiracy theorist, but I have a hard time believing that this wasn’t planned. Whit said qll things come to an end. The offense was poo poo and the defense was gassed. Either coach whit knew tds was going to win, or just got tired of planning and preparing. If this was a game we were prepared for, then all the pre season talk about depth and talent was media candy and lies to make ourselves feel better. Depth=nobody really talented wants to step up.

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