I know I’ll sound like a Zoob but that’s on our coaches.

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        We get a lead in the 4th and we immediately go conservative on offense and prevent on defense. So pridictable it’s crazy. Run, run, run, punt. 

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        Bentley hits Kuithe for either TD, and we are sitting pretty and fine. The defense doesn’t commit a slew of drive extending penalties, this game is much different. Also, would you trust Bentley throwing to anyone at anytime for any reason in a high-pressure situation? I wouldn’t. We don’t have the dogs to not go conservative.

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        The coaches are going to be conservative on offense because they have absolutely zero faith in Bentley. 

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        As a Whit apologist, let me just say that I agree… somewhat.  I don’t necessarily have a problem though with the idea of going conservative.  Stats will tell you that running a conservative game plan like that with that kind of lead is smart.  However, I DO have major issues with the play calling.  2nd and 2 off tackle right.  3rd and 2 off tackle left.  4th and 2, off tackle left.  If it didnt’ work the first two times, why would it work the 3rd?  Then the decision to throw on that last 3rd and 6, allowing them to keep their timeout was absolutely mind blowingly dumb.  That last sack we had would have been the last play of the game had we ran it on that 3rd down.  COMMITT!!!  If we are going to go conservative, than go conservative!!  You can’t mix and match the two philosophies and expect success.

        Furthermore, why do we go away from plays that work?  The option was working in the first half.  From what I saw, we ran it ZERO times in the 2nd.  We did the same thing last week. The first TD against the Huskies was a beautifully designed play.  never saw it again the rest of the game.  Running the TE on the out was working well (though the QB couldn’t seem to hit him), yet we only saw that a 3 times in the 2nd half.

        Unlike most, I was not too excited to see Lud come back.  Everyone points to 08, but I clearly remember many of these same problems in 08 (including Red zone issues).  I’m still willing to cut him some slack, but he’s got to wake up and Whit is the one who has to do the waking!


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        The running game was working very well thru most of the game.  Near the end OSU went to a crowded 8 man box.  At that time the inside run was a bad option.  There was 1 8 yard run in that time period, but the rest could not get a yard.  We should have checked out of an inside run to anything on the edge.  You must punish a defense out of position.

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        As several people have pointed out, those short yardage play calls take a long time to devleop. Jordan startws deep in the backfiled and there is a delay in handing off the ball. Gives the defense time to set, concentrate at the point of attack, and penetrate.

        On the other hand, the qb sneak against UW didnt work either, but that was not a short enough situation for a qb sneak. It was at least 1 yard+

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