if Cam is going to be that off, thank god it was in this game

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        Feels like we got the “bad Cam” game out of the way and didnt affect us at all. 

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        Granted, he didn’t look like the Cam we’re used to.  But he made the plays he needed to make after not having played in 21 days.  But if it makes you feel better to bag on him, go for it.  I’m damn glad he was back and even better didn’t do anything to agravate his injury.

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        RBMW, while I would not disagree that Cam did not have his best game, I think that saying it was a bad game would not be the case either. The offense had over 450 yards 306 on the ground. Cam did not need to run the ball, which was probably by design, and his passing was more than adequate, along with a very good defensive effort, to win the game.
        Neither team had good ball protection, but we took advantage and they did not. Again, a good and decisive win.
        Go Utes!!

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        I mean, he was clearly hurt and playing in xold and wet conditions. I think Cam was still better than his replacements. Dude is a gamer, and the rest of our team is showing grit as well. It isn’t always pretty, but this team never stops fighting. 

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        @rbmw263 so I want to be more critical of Ludwig honestly. Ludwig started the game off throwing and really ignored the conditions IMO. Many of us in Chat were screaming for Utah to rush the ball. Once they did it was game over.

        Utah settled in and rushed the ball 55 times which was what I wanted. Against Zona Utah averaged 5.6 a carry. Zona was 6.2 and kept trying to make weird passing attempts. Turnovers really killed them and the Oline for Zona just gave up. 

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        It wasn’t just his knee, the weather was bad. DeLaura also had a tough game and weather played a part.

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          Utah also had a lot of PD I think 7. Broughton had a ton of breakups. De Laura was delivering the ball Utah just defended. Including 3 sacks. Combined with the turnovers Arizona offense was shut down. 

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