It all sucks. A lot.

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    I dont want anyone here who doesnt want to be. The timing and how it all unfolded, from the “best recruit ever” hype to him shutting down Alabama when they came on strong at the end, is crazy. Huntley seems to turn the corner and he goes. I have to think that had as much to do with it as him not getting a few snaps in the Arizona and Weber games. Maybe it began with a fear of not living up to the massive hype when he was listed 3rd string, but I think Tyler succeeding pushed it over the edge.

    I wish it worked out, it didnt. I suggest we all adopt the attitude that players have when their own teammates transer. They have to do whats best for themselves and their future. 

    Last thing ill say is…..Jason Shelley is good.

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    I will also say(not to the op, but everyone) please don’t be the guy to go social media to stock and harass the kid or his family.  I know we will have some butt hurt fans that will harass him(hopefully not from anyone here), but the kid is 18/19 and gets to make his own life decisions.  I think it’s childish the way he did it(in the middle of the season), but let him leave in peace.  Leave your comments to this or any other fan board.

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      Its a good rule of life: If someone is thinking about a decision lend some advice, if you have something useful to contribute.  If they’ve made a decision, be supportive in your interactions with them.


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