It’s amazing how Poly’s dominate HS football in Utah

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      Pace Manyung
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      haven’t lived in Utah for decades but I don’t remeber Poly’s so dominating HS football.  What is the % of Poly population in Utah? 

      Lookin at the 2021 top HS prospects it’s basically all Poly.  and has been for years.





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      Ute Fan

      According to census records – the total Polynesian percentage in Utah is less than 2%.  However, that only includes those who are 100% Polynesian.  The total number of Polynesians living in Utah is less than African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and American Indians.  The total percentage of those with Poly blood is probably about 3%.  This is probably the highest Polynesian percentage of any state outside of Hawaii.  I have known many Tongans in every neighborhood where I have lived since I was an adult.  They are good people.

      So, when you look at percentages, it’s amazing how they dominate football in this state.

      A side note, Utah has a Hispanic population of about 15% and a white population of 78%.  I looked at Michigan out of curiosity and your population is over 80% white.  Your Polynesian population is .01%.

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