Jim Harding compliments from Spencer Fano

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      My son got to do an OL training today and his partner was Spencer Fano. It was an hour session at PowerHouse Training (Tuni Kanuch). Afterward, we got to talk to Spencer and asked him, “you know, why Utah”. The first thing he said was, “Jim Harding is just a really good OL coach”.  Now, Spencer has been doing OL training 1-on-1s and partner training regularly with Tuni since 8th grade and the kid is a technician, one of the reasons he’s such a highly rated prospect. So, to hear the compliments of Harding means to me that Spencer recognizes that Harding will help him build on the depth of work he has already done. The second thing he mentioned was his brother, and after that, he said it was really close, he really liked the coaches up at Oregon. I think Spencer is about 275 lbs but looks 240. The kid was humble, and gave me and my son a bro hug at the end, super nice guy, he’s a great kid to have on the team. 

      BTW, we’ve seen Keaton Bills at PowerHouse and that dude clearly was the most improved OL of the year at Utah and potentially the best OL performance/grade-wise of the group, and he did this as a sophomore (maybe Covid Soph?). Anywho, the future is bright up on the hill.  If any of you have boys playing OL, my experience has been that the 1-on-1 training will give your kid a big edge, as it has done for my own son.

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      Bills had a huge game in the CCG 

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        The Miami Ute
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        Yeap…his biggest play was the recovery of Bernard’s fumble.

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      Loved watching Bills progress this year.

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